Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

Paranormal Romance

Ana seems to have a perfectly normal life. Normal family, normal school, normal friends and a normal job. However, after witnessing a murder, her life becomes anything but normal. She is thrown into a world of the unknown. It is only with the help of a beautiful angel that she is able to make sense of anything.

Remi is your typical bad boy, except he is hiding one thing. Remi is a fallen angel who is trapped on Earth. He fills his time with women and booze and doesn't apologize for anything. He chooses to harden himself against the goodness inside of him. That is until he comes across Ana. Now he can't seem to get the girl out of his head.

With Remi as her guide, Ana delves deeper into the new world she has become a part of. All of a sudden, things that she thought were impossible now seem more like a reality. Can the new Ana come to terms with her new life or will she fall behind and fade away?

WARNING: This book contains mature language and themes, intended for adults only.

Bonus stories included in this copy!

Details Fallen Angel

Title Fallen Angel
AuthorSelina Coffey
Release Date9th Apr 2017
FormatKindle eBook
Pages623 pages

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