DreamStar: In Delphi – Duty Meets Destiny (The Delphi Countdown Trilogy Book 2)

DreamStar: In Delphi – Duty Meets Destiny (The Delphi Countdown Trilogy Book 2)
Dream Star continues the Delphi Countdown trilogy from Vol 1 – DayStar, with the launch of PROBE-Tech’s galactic spaceship - the Aurora, on a mission to discover the source of the DayStar’s light. The DayStar was a mystery that set the world on edge; shining day and night, never moving, never changing – it denied every scientific theory. How long the world would wait for the Aurora’s discovery remained to be seen.

With the recent bombing of the OneWorld Conference, all governments have now pushed their defenses to DEFCON-3. Finally, the process restarted to bring the world’s scientists and politicians together for a global release of advanced (and alien) technology. Not everyone, nor every government considered the world release of technology as a benefit, and Frank Morrow continues his subversive actions to stop the OneWorld Conference.

Rachel has finally garnered the answers to her immortality, but is still searching for the Truth of her purpose as the Spokesmon; her dreams – waking or sleeping, always urge her to “Remember!” But until Rachel could read the Words of Thunder – she would never be able to fulfill her destiny as the Spokesmon.

Iscar believes he has the answer to the Spokesmon’s needs – Delphi, a civilization hidden inside a Himalayan mountain that has evolved over thousands of years awaiting the Spokesmon’s Arrival. Today is that day, and Iscar intends to get her to Delphi – even if he has to kidnap her.

Mother Star had carefully guided Iscar in the construction and completion of Delphi for centuries, yet no one realized her true angelic nature. The Great Plan is coming together, but Mother Star can see the threads which threaten to unravel their effort.

The roleau Peter carries is the power source that brought them to Earth, and Peter is the Guardian of that precious power. Gabriel – Delphi’s PriMajor, has sworn to protect and serve Peter as the Guardian, leading him to Delphi even knowing Iscar will consider him a traitor for doing so. What he didn’t consider, was his brother’s jealousy of his duty to the Guardian.

Delphi’s Oracle had been encased in the crystalline Mammoth Falls for centuries, drawing select people to the mountain through their dreams. If an entire society had been created and pledged to her service as the Spokesmon, Rachel felt an obligation to understand where she was taking them – and herself. It was a question constantly perched on the edge of her mind, but in the peace and quiet that Delphi offered she thought she might actually find the answer.

“Hurry Spokesmon! Remember!”

Details DreamStar: In Delphi – Duty Meets Destiny (The Delphi Countdown Trilogy Book 2)

Title DreamStar: In Delphi – Duty Meets Destiny (The Delphi Countdown Trilogy Book 2)
AuthorJB Penrose
Release Date4th Apr 2017
FormatKindle eBook

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