Amish Moment Of Truth (An Amish Romance Story) (Love & Pride Series)

Amish Moment Of Truth (An Amish Romance Story) (Love & Pride Series)

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Can a family with so many disasters in the making finally live happily ever after?

The Struder family seems to find trouble around every turn, from parents to children and even the grandchildren related to them. William and Martha had two daughters early in the marriage, Collette and Jessica, and son John was born much later. Spoiled and coddled, John has made many decisions that his parents are ashamed to admit, but lately it is his sisters that seem to be going the wrong way in life.

Collette and Jessica are close in age, but closer still in life, friends and confidantes at all times, and know pretty much everything about each other. When Collette makes the decision to begin a relationship with a married man, she is confronted and eventually gives up love for what’s right. However, the son she bears is practically perfect, though she must make the painful decision to give him up for adoption, with the help of her best friend Miriam.

“I know it is pretty hard for a mother to give up her baby, but remember, Collette, that you cannot take the baby back to Lancaster,” said Matilda.

Tears rolled down Collette’s cheeks as she bent to kiss her son’s forehead. “I will always love you, my darling baby,” she whispered to the little boy.

Miriam fought back the tears, biting down on her lower lip, as she watched Collette and the baby. “Ach, Aunt Matilda, I feel so sad for Collette,” whispered Miriam.

“What shall we name him?” asked Collette once the baby was settled in a crib that Matilda had ready in her house.

“What about Jonathan?” asked Miriam.

Collette smiled. “That’s a lovely name and Jonathan he shall be called,” said Collette as she looked sadly at her son.

Jessica is not immune to poor decisions, as she befriends and eventually falls in love with an Englischer that her parents do not approve. She runs away from home so that the romance has a chance to blossom, going against her parents and Amish background, and risks being shunned from her family forever. It is up to John to be the tie that binds his drifting family together once again.

Now the only child at home, John seems to become the ideal son for his strictly Amish parents and goes about things in a manner pleasing to them. He receives permission to court Miriam, his sister’s best friend, and the two are granted the opportunity to wed at last. One can only pray that the Struder family will finally find a way to eschew the disaster that seems to befall them at every turn…

Could the Struder family finally have found peace or will the union of John and Miriam have any effect on the rest of the family?

What will happen to Collette and Jessica once they make their life-changing decisions?

Details Amish Moment Of Truth (An Amish Romance Story) (Love & Pride Series)

Title Amish Moment Of Truth (An Amish Romance Story) (Love & Pride Series)
AuthorMartha Sowell
Release Date4th Apr 2017
FormatKindle eBook
Pages243 pages

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