The Chronicles of Jordan Brady

The Chronicles of Jordan Brady
The Chronicles of Jordan Brady comprises of three books: Shantago, Shantago's Revenge, and Shantago III. Jordan Brady is a young man on the verge of losing his mind. After suffering a terrible loss, the death of his fiancé, Piper, in a catastrophic accident, Jordan struggles to keep his life together – attending therapy sessions with his psychiatrist, reuniting with his childhood friends, meeting weekly with a beautiful and mysterious young woman named Abigail, getting a therapy dog to help cope with his grief, and dealing with his roommate’s crazy and vicious cat, Mr. Dimples.
Unfortunately for Jordan, one of his childhood friends happens to be a brutal murderer with a very large grudge against him, the girl he calls Abigail is someone he’s never met but only shared glances with at a traffic intersection, the dog is almost immediately kidnapped by a flock of birds, and Mr. Dimples may not even exist – the very real scars and scratches on Jordan’s hands notwithstanding. At least the therapy sessions seem to be working…
As Jordan’s life spins further and further out of control, the one constant – aside from his grief – are the stories his grandfather told him as a child, stories of a strange race of creatures called toggles. Jordan begins to see evidence that maybe his grandfather hadn’t been making up stories. Maybe the toggles are real. And maybe their ruler, the evil one, an ancient and horrible creature consumed by vengeance, is responsible for the tragic and inexplicable things that have been happening in his life. Because everywhere Jordan turns and everywhere he looks, one name keeps appearing over and over: Shantago. After the death of his fiancé, Jordan is having difficulty coping with everyday life. At work, he finds himself sleeping on the job, and his boss ultimately makes him take some time off to get his life back together.
Jordan Brady embarks on a journey of a lifetime as he battles the toggle king, Shantago, to the death. Escaping from prison, he finds some old friends, asking them to partake in a quest to save his long lost love. Unfortunately, a great war has begun, so their time is strained. This upsets Jordan, so he continues the journey alone. He doesn’t realize that his physical condition is worsening until his mental condition falters.

Diving deeper and deeper into his troubled mind, Jordan does battle with the great Indo-zilladile, some pesky toggles, and a whimsical tree named Octavious Branch. As his body further deteriorates, he prepares for a final showdown against the toggle king, Shantago. How will it end? Will Jordan reunite with his lost love Piper? Or will Jordan fall victim to Shantago’s wrath. The story is left open to the reader’s imagination.

Details The Chronicles of Jordan Brady

Title The Chronicles of Jordan Brady
AuthorNicholas Penn
Release Date3rd Apr 2017
FormatKindle eBook
Pages375 pages

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