Shantago III: The Rock of Tahguhl

Shantago III: The Rock of Tahguhl
Jordan Brady embarks on a journey of a lifetime as he battles the toggle king, Shantago, to the death. Escaping from prison, he finds some old friends, asking them to partake in a quest to save his long lost love. Unfortunately, a great war has begun, so their time is strained. This upsets Jordan, so he continues the journey alone. He doesn’t realize that his physical condition is worsening until his mental condition falters.

Diving deeper and deeper into his troubled mind, Jordan does battle with the great Indo-zilladile, some pesky toggles, and a whimsical tree named Octavious Branch. As his body further deteriorates, he prepares for a final showdown against the toggle king, Shantago. How will it end? Will Jordan reunite with his lost love Piper? Or will Jordan fall victim to Shantago’s wrath. The story is left open to the reader’s imagination.

Details Shantago III: The Rock of Tahguhl

Title Shantago III: The Rock of Tahguhl
AuthorNicholas Penn
Release Date24th Mar 2017
FormatKindle eBook
Pages182 pages

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