Women’s Employment Rights Guide

Women’s Employment Rights Guide
The growing share of women in the workforce has necessitated changes in many of the employment laws that provide workers with certain rights and protections. These laws can often be difficult to understand. In an evolving labor force, it is important for all working women to have and understand the information they need to gain equal and fair access to employment and job advancement opportunities. The Women’s Employment Rights Guide presents the major federal laws impacting women who are seeking employment, currently working, facing unemployment, or preparing for retirement. The Guide explains the rights and protections of federal laws, while also offering general information on state and local laws that may apply. In some cases, private sector workers have employment rights that are only provided under state law, such as meal and rest periods and employee access to their work personnel records. Moreover, not every state has such laws.

Details Women’s Employment Rights Guide

Title Women’s Employment Rights Guide
AuthorUnited States Department of Labor
Release Date19th Jan 2017
FormatKindle eBook
Pages314 pages

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