Highway Gods

Highway Gods
Drive to live, ride to die. On the dusty highways of the near future, Mark and Caitlin go on a camping trip with several other college kids, though what starts as a vacation swiftly becomes a nightmare as they are assaulted by members of the Royal Barons, a violent road gang. The Barons are living out the Grail Quest of Arthurian legend across the backroads and lonely highways of this land, looting and murdering everyone who crosses their path. Caitlin is kidnapped and at the mercy of their depraved leader while Mark, left for dead, finds himself in the company of a gunslinging stranger hellbent on getting revenge from behind the wheel of her muscle car. The hunt is on. A high-octane tale of violence and horror on the merciless highway.

Details Highway Gods

Title Highway Gods
AuthorEdward Teach
Release Date2nd Jan 2017
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages186 pages

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