#16 Coloring Book Beauty and the Beast: best seller, stress relief, serenity and relaxation, 100pgs

#16 Coloring Book Beauty and the Beast: best seller, stress relief, serenity and relaxation, 100pgs
Beauty and the Beast The Enchanted Christmas is a 1997 American animated Christmas musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. Princess Belle and Prince Adam throw a Christmas party for the local villagers at their castle (with many of the servants previously enchanted). Lumiere and Cogsworth argue who brought Christmas back to the castle while Mrs. Potts insists on explaining the true story behind Christmas' return to the castle, while her son Chip listens with eager ears. While the Beast listens to Forte's music, Belle and Chip talk about its many traditions including the giving of gifts, to which Belle makes a storybook for the Beast. Belle decides to get decorations, so Lumiere and Chip take her to the castle attic where they meet Angelique (a Christmas angel), the castle decorator and one of Lumiere's lovers who objects to the reintroduction of Christmas. Then a knock on the door reveals the old beggar woman with the enchanted rose. While looking for a Christmas tree with Chip and Axe after putting the Christmas present in his west wing for Beast to return, Belle eventually meets Fife and then Forte after hearing his music. Forte advises Belle to venture into the deepest part of the black forest to cut down a giant tree, saying that it will be Beast's "favorite part of Christmas". Belle accepts this, and moves out to the black forest with Axe, Chip and her horse Philippe. However, what Belle didn't realize is that in order to stop her from bringing Christmas back to the castle, Forte sends Fife as a stowaway to do anything to make sure she's not coming back. Meanwhile in the castle, Cogsworth is sent by Beast to fetch Belle and bring her to him so she could hear a song by Forte as her present, but finds her gone. He informs the other servants of Beast's need for Belle, and Lumiere volunteers to help him. As they both went outside the castle, Lumiere and Cogsworth find tracks from Belle's sleigh leading to the black forest, and realizing in shock that she is in danger, the two servants decide to go after her. Back at the west wing, Beast is still waiting for Belle to show up with impatience, but after Mrs. Potts tells him that the household can't find her, he looks at the magic mirror to see what's happening and becomes enraged upon believing Belle is running away again (just like after she found the west wing against his warning). Taking advantage of this, Forte deceives Beast that Belle has "abandoned" him and nearly succeeds in telling him to forget about his feelings for the girl and not to fall in love with her. Beast destroys the Christmas decorations in the dining room where Angelique is and storms off outside to bring Belle back, leaving Angelique hopeless. In the black forest, Belle finds the tree near the icy lake, chops it down with Axe, and uses Philippe to tow it for their journey back to the castle. But when Fife appeared and tried to explain everything to Belle, he accidentally frightens Philippe with his loud and squeaky whistle, causing him to shatter the ice and lose the Christmas tree. And as a result, Chip falls under a sheet of ice and Belle goes next after him just as Lumiere and Cogsworth arrived on the scene. Axe quickly punches a hole to allow Belle and Chip to reach the surface, but as soon as Chip was safe and despite the other servants' best efforts to help her, the rope that is attached to the Christmas tree pulls Belle back into the water to drown her. Fortunately, it didn't take long before the Beast also finally appeared, rescuing Belle in time and carrying her back to the castle. Disappointed at Belle for breaking her promise never to leave the castle again, he imprisons her. Beast finds the same present, the storybook written by Belle, and reads it. Moved by the book's words, Beast has a change of heart and frees Belle, asking her to forgive him, and after Belle does so, he offers to celebrate Christmas after all much to the servants' joy.

Details #16 Coloring Book Beauty and the Beast: best seller, stress relief, serenity and relaxation, 100pgs

Title #16 Coloring Book Beauty and the Beast: best seller, stress relief, serenity and relaxation, 100pgs
Release Date24th Dec 2016
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
FormatLarge Print
Pages100 pages

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