Play Hot Magazine December 2016: Playboy USA

Play Hot Magazine December 2016: Playboy USA
This time, I can thank the talented Ahmed Zarar, for the beautiful elegant Christmas home on his really recognised Player Hot magazine, in this lovely Christmas time.

I think this is a great honor, because I know that this magazine will be one of the largest in the world because Ahmed Zarar in order to turn it into something completely unique, it is certainly not second in doubt.

After some years of acquaintance between me and Zarar, we have both learned to know each other well and created a good cooperation, both professional and friendly, this I greatly appreciate, because I believe that Zarar is a good man who really understand to put action behind his words.

So this possibility, I am truly grateful for and I'm glad that I've got years of final cover image, because it has already helped to make a difference for my new year, when I dream about to become a cover model for part stores and this was clearly one of the biggest I dreamed of getting the honour of getting on the front page of.
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Details Play Hot Magazine December 2016: Playboy USA

Title Play Hot Magazine December 2016: Playboy USA
AuthorAhmed Zarar
Release Date9th Dec 2016
FormatKindle eBook

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