Let’s Learn – Learn Gujarati

Let’s Learn – Learn  Gujarati

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What is Let's Learn ? Introduction Gujarati What tips to learn anything fast? 1. Do one thing at a time. 2. be clear about your goals 3. Make it simple 4. Test yourself 5. Stop if you get tired 6. Keep your notes organized 7. Don't panic 8. be nosy 9. Check multiple sources for information 10. Think out loud 11. Eat healthy, sleep 12. Drink lots of water 13. Being in nature 14. Don't procrastinate 15. Classical music 16. Share it. 17. Make learning fun 18. Love a subject of your learning. 19. Care as if you were obsessed 20. Find opportunities 21. Create a schedule. 22. Study small parts 23. Write a summary after reading a chapter. 24. Review the same content 25. Be a jealous steward of your cognitive resources 26. Try to relate that with what you have already learned 27. Never give up But how do to get the energy to study after a long day? How quickly learner study? Gujarati Alphabet Gujarati Numbers List of Ordinal Numbers in Gujarati Gujarati Adjectives List of Adjectives in Gujarati Gujarati Adverbs List of Adverbs in Gujarati Gujarati Nouns List of Nouns in Gujarati Gujarati Articles List of Articles in Gujarati Gujarati Pronouns List of Pronouns in Gujarati Gujarati Plural List of Plurals in Gujarati Gujarati Feminine List of Feminine in Gujarati Gujarati Verbs List of Verbs in Gujarati Gujarati Prepositions List of Prepositions in Gujarati Gujarati Negation List of Negation in Gujarati Gujarati Questions List of Questions in Gujarati Gujarati Vocabulary List of Vocabulary in Gujarati Gujarati Phrases List of Phrases in Gujarati Did you enjoy this book? Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Details Let’s Learn – Learn Gujarati

Title Let’s Learn – Learn Gujarati
AuthorLet's Learn
Release Date4th Dec 2016
PublisherIndependently published
Pages107 pages

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