Convoy (The Shelby Logan Chronicles Book 1)

Convoy (The Shelby Logan Chronicles Book 1)
Commander Shelby Logan had a history and a future. She was in command of a great ship, Prometheus, and loved her job. She had known for some time that she would be working around the sector to help bring it up to the old Federation standards.
Plans however tend to change with time. When her ship returned to Pyrax she was promoted to Captain and thrust into the planning of an expedition to the nearby Tau sector in order to get it turned around and ready to join the Federation. She found to her dismay that she had to navigate the increasingly byzantine politics of the growing navy and federation government, then deal with politicians as her convoy made its way through Rho's southern loop to jump to Tau.
Once in Tau she and her people found that everything they'd experienced up until that point was minor compared to the nightmare they were thrust into. But there was one thing about Shelby, her stubbornness, grit, and her determination were as well known as her father's and Admiral Irons. One way or another she was going to drag the sector kicking and screaming to civilization. Or her name wasn't Shelby Logan!

Details Convoy (The Shelby Logan Chronicles Book 1)

Title Convoy (The Shelby Logan Chronicles Book 1)
AuthorChris Hechtl
Release Date17th Nov 2016
FormatKindle eBook

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