Passive Electronic Components: A Basic Guide

Passive Electronic Components: A Basic Guide
Confused by the vast array of electronic components that require identification before use? Ever wanted to know what the coloured bands on resistors indicate? Ever needed to identify the capacitance of a capacitor and decipher the hieroglyphs there? If so, then this book could be for you. A basic guide to the identification of some of the more common passive electronic components. Many electronic components are small and the markings on them often make no sense at first. This can be very confusing, but here you will find explanations about identifying these components and some background as to their purpose and construction. Also included are some basic calculations for combining components in series and parallel, circuit symbols and sections on LCR circuits and rectification. There are sections to be found on: Resistors Capacitors Inductors LCR Circuits Switches Potentiometers Transformers Diodes Rectification

Details Passive Electronic Components: A Basic Guide

Title Passive Electronic Components: A Basic Guide
AuthorJulian Froment
Release Date23rd Oct 2016
PublisherIndependently published
Pages91 pages

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