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Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s rise has been phenomenal to say the least. Very few would have captured the hearts of so many in such a short span of time. From the backwaters of cricket to one of the top names on the international circuit is a journey that is inspiring thousands to take to the game with all seriousness.
This book traces Dhoni’s career from the early years in Ranchi, his struggles as well as the strokes of good fortune. It is an attempt to bring to light the development of a career, going beyond just statistics and scoreboards. The book is lent perspective not just by the who has seen Dhoni transcend from obscurity to fame, but also by those who played a role in helping him grow as a cricketer.
It is an endeavour to take readers close to their hero without eulogising him. The book has several details and anecdotes that have neither been read or heard of before. The author visited the hometown of the ‘rock star of Indian cricket’ to get an idea of his character and attitude and how his career was shaped.
The book also has several rare photographs and important statistics that add colour and depth to the narration.

Details Dhoni

Title Dhoni
AuthorC Rajshekhar Rao
Release Date22nd Oct 2016
PublisherPrabhat Prakashan
FormatKindle eBook

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