The Code Thief

The Code Thief
(Revised Edition Oct '16: Edited by editor to New your Times Best Selling Authors: Robin Smith)
CODE THIEF is a fast paced, cyber, espionage thriller.

A young computer hacker, Dylan Charles, is entrapped by CIA Agent John McGovern.

Charles is forced to give up his expertise in order to secure the release of his brother from jail.

Developing a sophisticated computer virus, to halt the Iranian Nuclear program, things get out of hand along with the virus.
From Iran to Iraq to Wall Street, this action-packed story of two men who despise each other, but who must work together for the common good, has all the attributes of a modern-day espionage classic.

CODE THIEF is a must read for all fiction/thriller fans.

Details The Code Thief

Title The Code Thief
AuthorJustin Conboy
Release Date16th Oct 2016
FormatKindle eBook
Pages327 pages

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