An Arranged Rajput Wedding

An Arranged Rajput Wedding
Filled with humour and sensuality, the book weaves around a clash of egos, fiery tempers, wit, seduction, and passionate unions teaching the two people the ultimate meaning of love.
What happens when their fathers dupe two different minded people who cannot bear the sight of each other into an arranged marriage?
A wide variety of Indian marriage customs is showcased through this book. Also Indian games and festivals are intricately woven in the story which revolves around two individuals who are forced into a loveless marriage. Struck by a fatal conspiracy they enter into a mysterious web that takes not only them but the readers by surprise .
The vagaries of their relationship is highlighted which switches from mock amusement to vengeance, hatred, polite indifference, respect and finally a passionate love that lasts a lifetime…

Details An Arranged Rajput Wedding

Title An Arranged Rajput Wedding
Release Date5th Oct 2016
FormatKindle eBook
Pages259 pages

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