Apocalyptic Highway: Breakdown (Patriot Uprising Book 1)

Apocalyptic Highway: Breakdown (Patriot Uprising Book 1)
Matt Heart, a US Marine is dealing with PTSD after four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, back home in North Carolina, he's told his young daughter Ella he'd never leave her alone again after her mother died while he was serving the last tour. On a last second decision he reluctantly breaks that promise for a trip with old military friends. That's not the only problem, the lights are out because of terrorists, people are desperate, and he's a thousand miles from a little girl he vows to get home to, at any costs. Matt meets people along the way that help him, hinder him, and many want to kill him. Nothing has prepared him for what's in store, not even his days in Iraq. Will communities pull together or will they fall apart? Will people head for the hills or do they stand and fight? On his way home Matt detours to atone for a friends death. Is forgiveness in store in the middle of an apocalypse? The human spirit can break a thousand times but it will prevail if only one thing exists, HOPE!

Meanwhile in other parts of the country a war weary Navy Corpsman only consumed with those he could not save is minutes from from taking his life when fate intervenes. A young woman in Florida is dealing with depression after losing her mom in Iraq and now fights for her reputation including her life against three rapist. The university ignored her pleas and the media blamed her. With the power out her struggles change drastically. In other parts of the US other men and women will do things that would have been uncharacteristic just days before. Paths will cross. Chance and fate will play a role. Circumstance will evolve. Do you go left or do you go right? What does life have in store for you? In Book One you will be introduced to just some of the characters that will play a role as Apocalyptic Highway progresses down the road of chance, circumstance, and fate.

My intent is that when you read this book you cry, laugh, smile, stand and cheer, clap, question, and most of all it leaves you wanting more.

Details Apocalyptic Highway: Breakdown (Patriot Uprising Book 1)

Title Apocalyptic Highway: Breakdown (Patriot Uprising Book 1)
AuthorMorgan C. Thomas
Release Date18th Sep 2016
PublisherKCD Publishing, LLC
FormatKindle eBook
Pages207 pages

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