Civil Engineering Solved Problems, 8th Ed

Civil Engineering Solved Problems, 8th Ed
Problems and Detailed Solutions for Civil PE Exam Preparation

Civil Engineering Solved Problems includes more than 370 problem scenarios representing a broad range of the NCEES Civil PE exam topics. The problem scenarios are instructionally designed so that you learn how to identify and apply related concepts and equations. The breadth of topics covered and the varied complexities of the problems allow you to assess and strengthen your problem-solving skills. Step-by-step solutions demonstrate accurate, efficient solving methods. Solutions also reference exam-adopted codes and standards, so you can learn where to find required information and how to efficiently use your resources.

Civil Engineering Solved Problems will help you to
•    familiarize yourself with the exam topics
•    connect relevant civil engineering theories to challenging problems
•    navigate through exam-adopted codes and standards
•    identify accurate and efficient problem-solving approaches

Exam Topics Covered
•    Water Resources: Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic Machines, Open Channel Flow, Hydrology, Water Supply
•    Geotechnical: Soils, Foundations
•    Environmental: Wastewater
•    Structural: Concrete, Steel, Timber, Masonry, Bridge Design
•    Transportation: Transportation, Surveying
•    Systems, Management, and Professional: Engineering Economic Analysis

Details Civil Engineering Solved Problems, 8th Ed

Title Civil Engineering Solved Problems, 8th Ed
AuthorMichael R. Lindeburg PE
Release Date2nd Dec 2015
PublisherProfessional Publications, Inc.
Pages216 pages

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