Tokyo 2060: Welcome to the Future

Tokyo 2060: Welcome to the Future
In the year 2060, Poppy and Oliver Montgomery travel to Japan for a six-month stint in Tokyo. Oliver can’t wait to start working for a company that produces androids and Poppy is looking forward to shopping in the futuristic department stores. When this British couple begin their life in Tokyo, they are fascinated by all the latest cutting-edge technology in Japan. Poppy is even more delighted when her husband’s new company lends her an android for three days. Little do they know, this android hides a sinister secret that is about to turn their life in Tokyo into a disaster.

Details Tokyo 2060: Welcome to the Future

Title Tokyo 2060: Welcome to the Future
AuthorRenae Lucas-Hall
Release Date23rd Oct 2015
PublisherGrosvenor House Publishing
FormatKindle eBook
Pages45 pages

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