The Book of Gold Leaves

The Book of Gold Leaves
In an ancient house in the city of Srinagar, Faiz paints exquisite papier-mâché pencil boxes for tourists. Evening is beginning to slip into night when he sets off for the shrine. There he finds the woman with the long black hair. Roohi is prostrate before her God. She begs for the boy of her dreams to come and take her away. Roohi wants a love story. An age-old tale of love, war, temptation, duty and choice, The Book of Gold Leaves is a heartbreaking tale of a what might have been, what could have been, if only.

Details The Book of Gold Leaves

Title The Book of Gold Leaves
AuthorMirza Waheed
Release Date28th Jul 2015
PublisherPenguin UK
Pages352 pages

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