Bending Over My Straight Best Friend

Bending Over My Straight Best Friend
Ronan is the captain of the rugby team, smart, gorgeous and Tim’s straight best friend. They’ve always been able to share everything, so Tim knows there’s something wrong when Ronan starts acting distracted and off. When Ronan finally confesses to Tim that the financial problems at home are forcing him to drop out of college, Tim knows he’ll do anything to help his best friend.
He just didn’t expect anything to be Ronan’s request for his help with an opportunity that just might fix everything.

The opportunity: going gay for pay.

Ronan wants Tim’s help in practicing for his first gay scene, and though Tim knows he’s unable to turn down the request, he takes a chance and tells Ronan he’ll only agree to do it on one condition: Tim will be the one to top.
Ronan agrees, giving Tim the opportunity to get the big, beefy athlete beneath him, and show his straight best friend just how addictive being with men can be, especially when it gets hard, hot, and explosive.

Details Bending Over My Straight Best Friend

Title Bending Over My Straight Best Friend
AuthorC.J. Colton
Release Date13th Nov 2014
FormatKindle eBook
Pages27 pages

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