Mugshot Scams Exposed (A True Story About The Mug-shot Removal Business Book 1)

Mugshot Scams Exposed (A True Story About The Mug-shot Removal Business Book 1)
Mugshot Scams Exposed reveals the truth behind the mugshot industry, showing citizens how to protect themselves against mugshot extortion.

C. S. Ivana fell victim of the mugshot-removal business, today, in Mugshot Scams Exposed, in this book she reveals the wickedness of mugshot scams and provides detailed instructions as to how to deal with mugshot extortion.

Mugshot Scams Exposed (A True Story About the Mug-shot Removal Business) reveals the evil face of and similar websites that publish mugshots of arrestees in the states of Florida, Colorado, Texas etc., and then request money for their removal. C.S. Ivana’s book exposes the large-scale mugshot racket, sharing her own dreadful mugshot scam experience.

Mugshot Scams Exposed serves as a how-to book on how to deal with mugshot racketeering. 2013 was the year of unprecedented popularity of mugshot websites. What few people don't know is that behind this seemingly harmless trend, people’s lives get ruined and their hard-earned money disappears.

Mugshot websites retrieve information and photos of recent arrestees from police databases and extort the arrestees for their removal. Online Reputation Management (ORM) and SEO companies — which are often affiliated with the mugshot website operators, offer a digital reputation restoration that more often than not
comes with a hefty price tag. Based on her own experience with mugshot removal extortionists, Ivana reveals that sometimes, even top-notch SEO experts cannot entirely and irrevocably restore one’s online reputation.

Mugshots Scams Exposed reveals that mugshot websites and the associated ORM and SEO companies are part of the mugshot removal extortion business that monetizes people’s need for a clean online reputation. The book explains that what appears as transparent might in fact be a wolf in sheep’s clothing; the people offering to restore one’s reputation are often the ones who’ve damaged it to begin with.

C. S.Ivana seeks to help unsuspected citizens from becoming entangled in the vicious circle of mugshot racketeers. Answering pressing questions with practical, immediately
applicable information, the book asserts to be a how-to guidebook for getting out of a mugshot scam in one piece. C. S. Ivana, among other things, exposes the sad truth that there’s little Online Reputation Management companies can do, offering instead a step-by-step alternative solution. SEO and ORM companies have limited capacity as to reputation restoration, she argues. Getting other photos appear above one’s mugshot photo in search engine results is often only a short-term solution. Many SEO or ORM companies that claim to be able to offer a digital clean slate, will be repeatedly asking for money, in order to keep one’s digital presence clean.By revealing that the so-called reputation
restoration companies, are often the ones that put the mugshots online in the first place,

Mugshots Scams Exposed, raises awareness on how arrestees are unfairly caught up in a net of ruthless racketeering. Many victims of the mugshot removal business have been taking legal action against sites like and, but there’s a long way before this fledgling industry is taken down.

With Mugshots Scams Exposed, author C. S. Ivana reveals how to tackle a mugshot scam

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Details Mugshot Scams Exposed (A True Story About The Mug-shot Removal Business Book 1)

Title Mugshot Scams Exposed (A True Story About The Mug-shot Removal Business Book 1)
AuthorC. S. Ivana
Release Date24th Dec 2013
PublisherC. S. Ivana Publications Ltd
FormatKindle eBook
Pages80 pages

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