Secret Places in the Mojave Desert, Vol. 1 (Revised & Expanded)

Secret Places in the Mojave Desert, Vol. 1 (Revised & Expanded)
Revised & Expanded edition includes GPS Coordinates, individual site maps, and additional photographs not included in the first printing. A lonely cabin nestled inside of a deserted canyon, a wall of ancient rock art left undisturbed throughout the ages, a pile of forgotten relics left to rust and shimmer in the sun these are the secret places of the Mojave Desert. Death Valley Jim has taken his interest in these secret places to a hobby, to a passion, to his life. Jim initially began visiting these places casually while on vacation to visit his family. A love affair with the desert was forged soon thereafter, compelling him to move to this wonderland, filled with rich history and mystery. Death Valley Jim is now a resident and historian of the Mojave and his dream is to be able to spark the same kind of passion and interest in the desert for others. Whether you're new to the Mojave Desert or a longtime resident, this book will reveal the story about the places and people that made these mysteries possible. Perhaps you will find your favorite secret place or discover some new places you've never heard of. A few of the places contained within these pages are: the lonely mountain ghost town of Lookout City, the strangely interesting Saltdale, Llano Del Rio (located within civilization, yet somehow far removed), the mysterious Sheep Springs Petroglyphs, lonely Goler, the slowly disappearing Ruth Mine, and many, many more. Historians, archeological enthusiasts, amateur prospectors and mining enthusiasts, tourists, and local residents alike are invited to join Death Valley Jim in following him in the footsteps of those who blazed the trails of one of the most unique places in the world known as the Mojave Desert. The secret places are here for you to discover, now you just have to find them.

Details Secret Places in the Mojave Desert, Vol. 1 (Revised & Expanded)

Title Secret Places in the Mojave Desert, Vol. 1 (Revised & Expanded)
AuthorDeath Valley Jim
Release Date28th Jun 2013
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages150 pages

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