The Man in the Box

The Man in the Box
Lou regrets opening the box her gran left after she died. Not because it holds a spider as she thought, or toenails as she feared. Inside is a person, an impossible miniature man, and her life will never be the same.

THE MAN IN THE BOX is a modern day fantasy full of magic, adventure and laughs. If you’re looking for a fast paced story with a strong girl hero and a bit of paranormal romance, then you’ll love this fun and exciting ride.

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Praise for The Man in the Box

“Her take on Witches, Sorceresses and Wizards is fascinating, and the emotional connections between her characters makes me want to read more.” – Patti Larsen, award-winning author of the Hayle Coven series

“Chock full of humorous dialogue and action. This is a refreshing spin on the old tale of a fledgling witch attempting to understand her powers.” – Alisha, The Brainy Bookshelf

“A gem hidden among many semi-precious stones.” – L.J. Duet, Perfect Duet

The Box series in reading order…

The Man in the Box
The Note in the Journal
The Magic of the Sword
The Witch and the University
The End of Worlds (Coming Soon!)

Details The Man in the Box

Title The Man in the Box
AuthorChristina G Gaudet
Release Date20th Sep 2012
FormatKindle eBook
Pages329 pages

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