The Gendered Society Reader

The Gendered Society Reader
The battle between the sexes has raged on for centuries; however, are men and women really from different planets? In The Gendered Society Reader, Fourth Edition, coeditors Michael Kimmel and Amy Aronson pull together an array of dynamic voices--both male and female, classic and contemporary--to examine various interpretations of gender. These lively, in-depth readings explore gender discourse over a wide range of disciplines, focusing primarily on two central issues: difference and domination. Carefully balanced to reflect the diversity of its subject, this text addresses provocative and fundamental questions including:

* How are males and females different?
* What do these differences mean?
* How do various cultures and religions interpret gender?
* Why do societies continue to differentiate people on the basis of gender?
* Why is it that almost every known society is based on male domination?

This reader mirrors the intuitive structure of Kimmel's companion volume, The Gendered Society, Fourth Edition. The first sections are arranged by discipline, presenting analyses of theoretical perspectives and research inquiries. The final sections examine the often fraught relationships between gender and education, the workplace, the media, the body, the family, love, sex, and violence. The celebrated contributors include Peggy Reeves Sanday, Judith Lorber, Robert M. Sapolsky, Scott Coltrane, and many more.

Thoroughly updated with rich and timely new material, the fourth edition features twenty-one new selections, including three essays in a new section on religion, four new selections on gender and the media, and a new article on non-heterosexual families. This edition is also supplemented by an Instructor's Manual/Test Bank, which includes discussion questions. A popular and now classic text, The Gendered Society Reader, Fourth Edition, is both informative and entertaining; it is required reading for students, scholars, and anyone curious about the fascinating study of gender.

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Details The Gendered Society Reader

Title The Gendered Society Reader
AuthorMichael Kimmel
Release Date20th Jan 2010
PublisherOxford University Press
Pages656 pages

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