The HHOPP Engine

The HHOPP Engine
The HHOPP engine design is a way of building HIGH DISPLACEMENT engines (internal combustion, stirling, and diesel) in incredibly small physical packages. With all other things considered equal, the HHOPP version of the same power and displacement engine will be 1/4 the size or smaller than conventional designs. The core achievement of the HHOPP is dramatic size reduction that drives manufacturing costs down and translates into large weight savings with no loss in power or efficiency.

This is a companion book to my SciFi novel, Patent Mine

I apologize, but I wasn't able to get the graphics to fall exactly right for Kindle readers. No pictures were lost in the transfer from PDF to HTML.

Details The HHOPP Engine

Title The HHOPP Engine
AuthorTR NoWry
Release Date3rd Sep 2008
FormatKindle eBook
Pages28 pages

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