The Big Picture (Adventures in Odyssey)

The Big Picture (Adventures in Odyssey)
What's a day in Odyssey . . without a sting operation to trace a computer hacker? Or time in prison with a marked man? Or an airborne journey without the plane? As you can see, things are rarely ordinary around Odyssey. But strange as things sometimes get, the truth--and the big picture--always emerge.

Volume 35 contains the following stories (and themes):

  • The Big Deal 1 & 2 (standing up for your faith)
  • Life Trials of the Rich and Famous (showing partiality)
  • Missionary: Impossible (the mission field)
  • The Great Wishy Woz 1 & 2 (God's protection in life's storms)
  • Best Laid Plans (when God's plans supercede ours)
  • The Worst Day Ever (Bad days happen)
  • Opportunity Knocks (discerning God's will)
  • Red Herring (curiousity)
  • Slumber Party (friendship)
  • Nova Rising (compromise)

Details The Big Picture (Adventures in Odyssey)

Title The Big Picture (Adventures in Odyssey)
Release Date2nd Dec 2004
PublisherTyndale Entertainment

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