Love’s Book of Answers

Love’s Book of Answers
This book draws on the ancient wisdom of bibliomancy - the art of foretelling the future using books - to help those enraptured or exasperated by love. Created by the best-selling author of the original Book of Answers, this seductive, insightful, and highly entertaining divination tool provides answers to any yes-or-no question. The book consists of almost 300 short phrases (one for every spread), which readers will flip to by chance in order to find an answer to a question. Is today a good day to make a pass at your downstairs' neighbor? Consulting the book you might be told: "the outcome could be hot"...or instead: "don't consider it a goal." Whatever your concern - and anyone looking for love has at least a thousand - Love's Book of Answers can help you find your way.

Details Love’s Book of Answers

Title Love’s Book of Answers
AuthorCarol Bolt
Release Date8th Oct 2002
PublisherStewart, Tabori and Chang
Pages572 pages

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